Jenia Daugherty  -  Stitch of Nature Creator

Jenia Daugherty - Stitch of Nature Creator

Jenia Daugherty

Jenia Daugherty was born in 1976 in the Altai Region of Russia.  Like many women do in Russia, Jenia grew up around needle arts.   By watching her Grandmother and Mother, Jenia learned quickly to knit and sew at the early age of 10.  She finished knitting her first sweater when she was 12 - which she wore to school that winter.  As her skills developed, her entire family proudly wore knitted garments made from patterns collected over the months from the "Burda Moden" magazine.

In her University years, Jenia met a friend who showed her some basic crochet stitches.  It was a great first step towards learning new skills and tricks - most of which today are acquired through self-discovery and experimentation.

Jenia now lives in the US with her husband and two young boys.  She works from home inspired by the beauty of nature around her, the ever-present diversity of life and all the simple treasures that she cherishes the most.